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    amy Amy Krotser-Owner/President of HGA
    As a mother of 5, Amy found her passion for coaching gymnastics after 4 of her 5 children were in gymnastics. Amy made her dream come true in November 2011 when she opened the doors of Huntley Gymnastics Academy. Amy has been coaching gymnastics for 10 years and was the Head Beam Coach for the Illinois 2012 Level 5 State Champions.

    Accomplishments and Certifications:
  • College Graduate with a background in dance.
  • Professional Member with USAG
  • Safety Certified with USAG
  • Head Beam Coach of Illinois Level 5 2012 State Champions

  • edmar Edmar Nicolas
    An Army Iraqi war veteran served in the military for 9 years. Edmar competed in high school gymnastics for 4 years and was also involved in cross-country, wrestling, cheerleading and adagio. Edmar is no stranger when it comes to being an athlete. His passion for gymnastics grew beyond high school, which led him to coach as a career.
    A family man with 2 children of his own understands the importance of being a good role model for the children he coaches.
    "The key to becoming successful in gymnastics is discipline, safety, and never losing sight of how fun it is" -Edmar Nicolas

    Coaching background and Certifications:
  • Head HGA Optional Coach since 2013
  • Safety Certified with USAG
  • Professional Membership with USAG
  • Certified Gymnastics USAG coach since 1999
  • Head Men's Level 4/Level 5 gymnastics coach for 1 year
  • Assistant high school men and womens gymnastics coach for 3 years
  • Assistant high school cheerleading/tumble coach for 6 years
  • Volunteer high school and middle school wrestling coach for 2 years
  • All-star head Level 6 cheerleading coach for 2 years

  • Email contact:

    Steve Huntenburg
    Steve began in gymnastics at a young age, and fell in love with the sport. After competing in high school gymnastics for 4 years, he continued his career as a coach for a small private club which later segued into a 3 year assistant coaching position for a university and high school program.

    In his personal life, Steve is very health and fitness oriented. He enjoys attending adventure races and personally trains a group of friends and family to compete in the races with him. Steve's plans for the near future is to earn a certification in personal training focused on enhanced athletic performance.

  • Safety Certified with USAG
  • Professional Member of USAG

  • Email contact:

    kristen Kristen Cashman
    A competitive gymnast for 12 years, Kristen's career first began as a dancer. By the age of 6 she was more interested in Acro and when furniture started to break, it was time for something more.

    Luckily Kristen's family owned a gymnastics facility where her aunt was the head coach and gymnastics became her life. A self proclaimed "gym rat" with almost unlimited gym access Kristen's aunt coached her up to Level 10 at the age of 12. Through her career she attended and placed at numerous state, regional and national competitions.

    Kristen began coaching at a young age for her families gym and in 2005, when her own gymnastics career ended she began coaching full time with team. In 2010 Kristen received a Bachelor of Science from Western Illinois University with studies in Law Enforcement and Homeland Security. She also holds an A.A. Degree, and is a certified personal trainer through ISSA, and a National Physic Committee fitness competitor. Her passion for physical fitness is not just for others but also commits herself.

  • Safety Certified with USAG
  • Professional Member of USAG
  • Bachelor of Science from Western Illinois University
  • AA Degree in Physical Fitness
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Physic Committee fitness competitor

  • danny

    Danny Ogura
    Danny started cheer leading as a sophomore at First Colonial High School in Virginia Beach, VA and has traveled around the US with a team called Fame All-Stars. After graduating from high school, Danny cheered for Trinity Valley Community College. In 2005 Danny began coaching tumbling levels 1 thru 5 full time and hasn't looked back since!

  • 2003 traveled with Fame All-Stars
  • 2004-2005 National Tumbling Champion
  • CPR Certified

  • Kyle Greenan
    Kyle began gymnastics as a freshman in high school. By the time he was a junior he dedicated all of his time to gymnastics and began coaching through the park district. For the last 10 years Kyle has developed his skills as a coach with a variety of programs before joining HGA in July of 2015.
    Coaching background and Certifications:
  • A.A. from Harper College with a focus in Psychology and Philosophy
  • Safety Certified with USAG
  • Professional Membership with USAG
  • GIJO Assistant Coach 2013-2015
  • Recreational Gymnastics Program Director

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